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Pipe Rehabilitation Services

CIPP pipe lining, also known as trenchless technology, is used to repair pipelines that are 6" to 30" in diameter.


You won't have to deal with any messy excavation services with CIPP, and your pipe's repairs will be finished much faster.


You can use CIPP to replace your entire pipeline or just a single point repair, depending on your pipe's needs.

Pipe Rehabilitation Services

Are you looking to replace or clean your existing piping? Chase Service, LLC has all the pipe rehabilitation services needed to maintain your pipes.


From CIPP technologies and pipeline video inspection to sliplining and pipe cleaning, your rehabilitation service will be backed by a full, 1-year warranty. Contact us to schedule your next pipe rehabilitation service!

It's important to keep your pipes clean to protect your drainage system and your property from future flooding.


That's why we offer large diameter pipe and box culvert cleaning services. We'll remove all debris from your pipe or tunnel by using one of our vacuum trucks.

Trenchless pipe repair technology

Pipe cleaning services

Are you looking to replace a pipe that's 10" to 120" in diameter? Sliplining is an excellent way to replace pipes, since it involves inserting a new pipe into your existing broken pipe and back grouting all the spacing between the two pipes.


This method will leave you with a brand new, full operational pipe without the hassle of disturbing anything above your existing pipe.


Do you want a visual of how your pipelines are functioning? As part of our services, we're pleased to provide you with your own personal DVD of any video footage taken of your pipes, along with a detailed report.


Why is pipeline video inspection important? It allows you to inspect the interior of any pipeline ranging from 6" to 120" in diameter without having to physically enter the pipe.  You'll find the latest, up-to-date software and equipment being used here. This allows us to quickly locate your pipe's problems.

Sliplining pipe repairs and pipeline video inspections

24/7 emergency services are available for your pipe rehabilitation needs.

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